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Video Marketer vs Video Producer

3 Differences Between Video Producers vs. Video Marketers

Video is the future of the internet, and is the best way to communicate with your target market. So now comes the task of creating one for your business. But where can you turn to make a compelling video that will help your business grow? Video production can be a nightmare logistically, so you may decide to hire a professional. But hiring a video producer may not help you reach the goals you've set and may not be worth the money you invest. Hiring a video marketing professional will yield better results on your investment. Here is a short list of things a Video Marketer can do for you that you might not get from a video producer.

1) Create Goals, Not Scripts

This might sound funny, but the goal of your video should not be to create a great video. Like with almost everything you do in your business, the goal of a video should be to help your business grow.

When you work with a video production company, they will be experts in making great, artistic, visually appealing videos. But that is only part of the equation when it comes to making videos for your business. A video producer may not understand the market you're trying to reach, or where your video should fit in your customer journey. All of that information needs to inform decisions made in preproduction, on set, and in post production.

A quality video marketer will be able to help create a script that not only gives you the entertainment and visual style you want, but will also be able to point to how those choices will help create excitement for your business in your target market.

Simply put: a video producer can give you a video that looks great, but a video marketer can give you a video that performs great.

2) Get Promotion Value, Not Production Value

Ok, so you've worked with your video producer and created a video that looks great and meets your business goals. They show you the final cut and then... what?

There are a ton of great promotional videos that exist on the internet that almost nobody has seen. The problem isn't the video itself, it's with the video's promotion. A producer will create a great video for you, but they might leave you holding the bag with no plan on actually getting the video seen by your target market.

A video marketer should be able to not only hit all the marks on creating effective videos, but should also know the best way to get those videos seen. When your video meets your marketing needs, and gets shown to your target customers, that's when the real impact of video marketing can be felt.

Simply put: Creating the video is only step one to getting the most from your video.

3) Plan Campaigns, Not Videos

Now you've made a video for your business, and you're seeing results! That's great! Time to keep this momentum going. Unfortunately, that might be hard to do when you need to get back in touch with a producer, come up with a new script that meets your goals, and do the whole process over every time you want a new video.

A video producer might have lots of great ideas for videos for your business, but a video marketer will have a plan to make sure the videos feed off each other, work with other content on your website, helps feed your funnels, and keeps growing your business. A plan like this should be considered up front and a video marketing professional should be able to give you ideas not just for videos, but for campaigns that will help attract, engage, and delight your audience in a way that builds your company's leads and has the data to prove it.

Simply put: Don't start from scratch with every video, have a video plan that supports your marketing efforts. Both right now and into the future.

Creating videos isn't cheap or easy. Make sure your efforts lead to big impact on your business by working with a video marketer who will work to not only give you a great video, but will give you a video that works great for your business and your bottom line.

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