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I have spoken at a variety of conferences and events throughout the country. I love the opportunity to share my knowledge at these events, and to speak with other people who are as passionate about marketing as I am.

Market Analysis

Live Workshops

I've used my knowledge to help drive a deep understanding on processes with workshops that provide hands-on experience in creating marketing reports, analyzing data, building and organizing data on a website, and more.

Keynote Speaking

As much as I love sharing knowledge and giving instructions that people can use right away, I also love to inspire people to do the best work they can. When I speak, I hope people leave the audience with a new found enthusiasm to create great marketing campaigns. 

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Virtual Speaking

While I love every bit of my in-person speaking engagements, I also take every chance I can to speak to more people through virtual experiences. I am happy to share my stories and expertise with anyone, no matter the distance. 

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